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Solid Cargo Control 101: Q&A What is Safety Factor in your label?

Question1: What is Safety Factor in your label?

Safety Factor refers how much stronger a system is than it needs to be for an intended load.

Its calculation is as belows:

What is your safety factor in your countries?

For Lifting Webbing Sling, in most European countries, which follows EN norms, the safety factory is 7:1. It means the breaking strength of the lifting strap should be 7 times of the work load limit.

When we see a product marked with “W.L.L 1,000 kgs”, its breaking strength should be at least 7,000 kgs.

However, there are also countries whose standard requires the safety factor to be 5:1. For example, in the United States, the safety factor of web sling is 5 to 1. I think there is always reasons why the relevent authority applies different safety factor standards.

No matter what the safety factor is, please always check with your local authority to confirm for safety reason. “In Cargo Safety, we are always serious!”

There is also an exception: For One-way Lifting Sling, the safety factor 5:1 is also accepted in Europe. It is understandable as in this case the sling is to be used only one-way or, in another word, for only one time. Then they will be discarded. If we still follow Safety Factor 7:1, then it might be a big waste.



If you have any questions in understanding the label for lifting sling, welcome to leave your questions.

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