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Solid Cargo Control 101: Q&A How to Protect the Label for the Lifting Sling and Cargo Lashing?

Question: How to Protect the Label for the Lifting Sling and Cargo Lashing?

What is the label about?

As per the EN (European Norm) 1492-1 and 1492-2, lifting sling, no matter webbing sling or round sling, should be sewn with a label to explain its specification.

For lifting webbing sling or round sling, if the material is high tenacity polyester, then the label should be in blue color. Blue color and black letters are the standard ones.

In the label, it shows the production date, the Work Load Limit and the Effective Working Length, and etc. The label is so important that if it is with stain and become unreadable it may cause safety accident.

How We Protect the Label?

To protect the label, Solid Cargo Control has done the following to prevent the label from tearing, from getting worn with stains, etc.

1) Standard label is sewn on the sewing edge, which is easy for stitching.


2) we can sew the label in the eye loop. In this case, the label will not contact the goods we lift or lash and thus being protected from cutting, getting dirts, etc.


3)    We can also sew the whole label on the webbing to fix its postion to the webbing as a whole.



4)    To protect the label from dust and water, we still sew it outside with PVC pouch.


5)    Further on, we can sew the PVC bagged label fully on the webbing to prevent it from swinging.


Next topic will be about:

How can our Label to Meet the Industrial 4.0 Standard for next generation of Material Handling Industry?

If you have any questions in understanding the label for lifting sling, welcome to leave your questions.

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