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Product Blog: How to prolong the service life of lifting sling

In normal use, if the surface of the sling is damaged, it will not only affect the efficiency, but also bring some potential safety hazards. Therefore, during the use of the sling, professional staff must carry out relevant inspection. Once the surface scratch or wear is found, it needs to be repaired in time. A good quality sling has a long service life, but if the user does not operate properly, it may cause deformation or wear on the surface of the sling.

1. It needs to be kept by professionals. After use, it should be placed on a professional shelf instead of casually. The environment should be clean and ventilated.

2. Do a good job in rust protection. If the sling is placed in a humid environment for a long time, it is very easy to cause rust on the surface. When maintaining the sling, rust protection measures should be taken. In addition, the sling can not be placed in high temperature environment.

3. For a long time, there will be dust and some oil stains. Therefore, users need to clean the products regularly. In the face of oil stains that cannot be wiped clean, special cleaning agents should be used. In addition to cleaning, it is also necessary to apply lubricating oil regularly to reduce friction during operation.

In case your webbing sling has the following defects, please stop using them.

Webbing Sling defects

Post time: Dec-02-2020

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