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Eye To Eye Webbing Sling

Short Description:

Eye to Eye Webbing Sling (Duplex, Double Ply)

This professional webbing sling is extremely suitable for intensive industrial use.


– Duplex (Double Ply) hoisting belt, double strap layers.

– Extra strong, water- and dirt-repellent, impregnated fabric guarantees a longer life.

– WLL stripes, each stripe stands for 1 ton (up to 10 tons).

– Every 30 mm band width is 1 ton load capacity. (1ton WLL can also be 50mm width)

Standard delivery

– Packed in POF membrane with Color Insert Card and Test Certificate.


– Higher capacities on request, such as 12ton, 15ton, or 20ton WLL in 2 or 4 ply.

(Our 200 ton Breaking Test Bed allows us to test WLL 20ton Webbing Sling with SF 7:1.)

– Company Stencil on request


– EN1492-1


CAD Chart


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Product Features:

- Weaving with high-strength polyester yarn, authentic raw materials.
- There are clear marking lines, and several black lines represent several tons of working tension.
- Have a clear label description, indicating the manufacturer, production date, inspection time, working tension, safety factor, etc.
- The ring eye is wrapped with high-strength polyester cloth of the same material to increase wear resistance.
- The products have passed the TUV-GS certification, and the products exported to Europe comply with the EN standard.
- The product has passed the audit of Pacific Insurance, and the products sold in China provide 2 million product quality liability insurance.

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  • Common Information on Use

    Sythetic lifting slings and round slings feature a safety label and meet European Standard EN

    1492-1 or 2.


    Colour coding:

    Blue label: polyester (PES)

    Orange label: high performance polyethylene (HPPE)

    Part of the label is sewn under the strap, so the strap always remains traceable, even if the label is illegible,damaged or torn off.


    Polyester (PES)

    Product range: Lifting slings and round slings.

    Strap/sleeve: Colour/stripe coding for each tonnage.

    Label: Blue.


    Excellent UV resistance.

    High resistance to damage from high temperatures.

    High tensile strength in relation to specific weight.

    Lower elongation at safe working load.

    No loss of strength in wet condition.

    Resistant to most acids.

    Application: Used in almost all industries.


    Important information on use

    • Never exceed the safe working load indicated.

    • Avoid shock loads!

    • For loads with sharp edges or rough surfaces, protective gear must be used.

    • Lifting slings must be used such that they are loaded across their entire width.

    • Use lifting slings and round slings such that the load cannot be distadged.

    • Never pull the lifting sling or round sling out from under the load if this is lying on it.

    • Never drop lifting slings with steel triangles.

    • Polyester lifting slings and round slings must never be used in an alkaline environment.

    • Nylon (polyamide) lifting slings must never be used in an acidic environment.

    • Never use lifting slings or round slings outside the temperature range of -40°C to +100°C.

    • For lifting slings with steel triangles, a working temperature of -20°C to +100°C applies.

    • Inspect the lifting sling or round sling visually before use.

    • Never use a worn or damaged lifting sling or round sling.

    • Never use a lifting sling or round sling whose label is illegible or missing.

    • Lifting slings and round slings must never be knotted.

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